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Dr. Cliff Manlove on "Dylan Thomas, Poetics, and Welsh Identity"

2/13/2013 —

"Dylan Thomas, Poetics, and Welsh Identity" will be presented by Dr. Clifford T. Manlove (PhD, University of Missouri).  Dr. Manlove is an Associate Professor of English at the Greater Allegheny campus of Penn State, where he teaches twentieth-century literature and criticism, postcolonial studies, and film theory. In addition to critical and film theory, Manlove’s research interests include utopian studies, reggae music and Rastafarian politics, Anglophone colonial/postcolonial literary and film narratives, and the American south. Articles by Manlove have appeared in: Cinema Journal, South Atlantic Review, minnesota review, College Literature, (Re-)turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies, and Left Curve. Manlove’s chapter on Peter Jackson’s use of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in his “re-make” of King Kong (2005) has recently been published in Hollywood’s Africa After 1994 (edited by MaryEllen Higgins; Ohio UP, 2012). He is currently writing a book on the classic Jamaican reggae film, The Harder They Come, “The Harder They Came: Cultural and Political Histories of Rastafari and Reggae in Jamaica, 1930-1980.”

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