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From Fall 2009: 

Spotlight on: Community Partner PEPP

The Penn State Educational Partnership Program (PEPP) has been an invaluable partner to many students and faculty at our campus. Part of the College of Education-Office of Multicultural Programs, PEPP operates after school enrichment programs in McKeesport area schools that allow college students to gain field experience working with diverse groups of students while exploring education as a career field. PEPP employs Penn State students as Learning Assistants in these after school programs, and also partners with faculty from different academic areas on community engagement projects. Psychology students have developed and taught programs related to self-esteem, goal-setting, and personal well-being. Photography students have used PEPP as the focus of their photojournalism projects (the photo above was taken by photography student Sofiya Mozley). Last spring, students in the ACE program developed a college prep workshop that they presented to PEPP participants. These are just a few of the many community engagement projects PEPP has been a part of at Penn State Greater Allegheny.
EDSGN 100 students participate in the Toys 'N More program









From Summer/Fall 2009:

Spotlight on: Engineering Design 100

In this foundational engineering design course taught by Dr. George Crawford and Dr. Eric Lipsky, students participate in a professional speaker series and community engagement projects. Professionals from different engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, etc.) are invited to speak to the class about their companies, career paths, and the role that their particular company plays in the local and global communities. Past speakers have included engineers from Westinghouse, GE, Allegheny Power, National Instruments, Mathews Marketing Products, Alion Science and Technology, PennTap, CDM, US Steel, Crucible Research, Elliott Company, and others.

In spring of 2009, students in this course also participated in a grant-funded program called Toys 'N More. Engineering Design students designed a toy, and then visited Maplewood Kids, a daycare center and preschool in McKeesport, to present their toys to local children. Engineering students also incorporated community engagement into a project with Lego robots, teaching visiting students from Gateway High School how to program the robots to dance. Through these projects, students gained practical experience not only with engineering design,but also with planning and communication skills needed in any career field.