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New Student Orientation 2013 postcard

The New Student Orientation Program post cards are sent by U.S. mail to your home address.  Please let us know if your permanent address has changed.

Pay close attention to the deadline date printed on the mailing label.  You must complete your Educational Planning Survey and your math and chemistry placement tests by this date.  You will need your nine-digit Penn State ID number (begins with a '9') to access the survey and placement test sites.  This ID number was included in letters you received from the Admissions Office.

The sooner you complete these activities, the sooner you will be invited to the on-campus New Student Orientation session that includes, among other activities, scheduling your fall classes.

English composition course placement is determined by the SAT Writing (SAT-W) score. Advisers will assist students without SAT-W scores during the New Student Orientation campus visit to determine appropriate English composition placement.