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A psychology major prepares students to work in wide variety of occupations. Students with bachelor's degrees not only obtain work in psychology but in business, government, criminal justice, and research. The table at below lists titles of jobs obtained by students with bachelor's degrees in psychology.

Psychology is also a good preparation for graduate school in all areas of psychology, education, business, criminal justice, law, and health-related areas, including medical school.


Job Titles

Examples of job titles for students with a bachelor's degree in psychology are shown below by area.


Employment counselor
Management trainee
Personnel analyst
Public information officer
Public relations
Sales representative
Store manager
Staff training & development

Mental Health or Social Services

Corrections officer
Drug/substance abuse counselor
Intensive case manager
Milieu therapist I
Police officer
Probation/parole officer
Rehabilitation adviser
Residential youth counselor

Government, Research, or Other Areas

Congressional aide
Lab manager
Research assistant or associate
Statistical assistant
Technical writer


Jobs obtained by Penn State Greater Allegheny students
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Psychology major Erika Vasques participated in the 2012 Explore Law program offered by Penn State's Law School.  Her comments are featured on the program website:

The Explore Law Program at Penn State Law was a life changing experience. The relationships I have made here with law professors, practicing attorneys, and other future young lawyers will truly last a lifetime. Through this program, Penn State Law has shown a dedicated interest in our success as future law students who will become strong young lawyers that lead and represent the Penn State name." — Erika Vasques