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An internship is career-related experience in a professional work setting.  The experience is intended to provide an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to practical workplace situations.  Students enrolled in the IST program are required to complete a one credit internship (IST 495) for a minimum of 300 hours.

  • An internship may be paid or unpaid, as determined by the employer.
  • The period of time to complete an internship is typically one semester or summer.
  • Students typically complete an internship during their junior or senior year.
  • Begin your internship search at least one semester before the semester in which you plan to intern.

Internship Process

  1. Locate Internship Opportunities 
    Many internships are announced via Penn State email and on the Facebook page for Career Services:  "Penn State Greater Allegheny Career Services". Check the Career Services Web site for links to internship resources and postings; access your Nittany Lion Career Network account to view postings; or make an appointment with Career Services to discuss internship opportunities (412-675-9117).
  2. Apply to Internships / Accept Offer
    Have your resume and cover letter reviewed by Career Services and apply to any internships in which you are interested.  Follow up with Career Services to prepare for any interviews.  Once you have decided to accept an offer to intern with a company, you will want to confirm the details of your internship (start/end dates, hours per week/schedule, dress code, etc.)
  3. Get Approval
    After finding and securing your internship opportunity, you will need to obtain approval from the faculty internship advisor for your program.
  4. Complete Required Forms
    Obtain the IST Internship Packet of forms from your faculty internship advisor. This packet includes the following forms: Internship Application, Internship Proposal, Student Agreement, and Consent to Release Records.  Submit originals of all forms to your faculty internship advisor before the registration deadline for the semester of your internship.
  5. Schedule the Internship Class
    Once your internship is approved, the faculty adviser will email the registrar's office to schedule the internship course for you.
  6. Complete Course Requirements
    The IST faculty internship advisor will send midpoint and final evaluation forms directly to your site supervisor.  Submit a copy of your final paper to your IST Faculty Advisor. (Instructions for your final paper are outlined in the IST Internship Packet.)