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Penn State's Intercollege Minor in Civic and Community Engagement allows students to move beyond traditional classroom work to creatively explore relevant community issues through research and service.

Why pursue a minor in Civic and Community Engagement?

Students working toward a minor in Civic and Community Engagement (CIVCM) have many opportunities to become engaged in activities that benefit the local and global communities. Through hands-on engagement, research, and other projects, students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life problems and issues. Students in this minor have opportunities to serve their communities, explore new areas of interest, and deepen their knowledge of social and political issues.

Requirements for the Civic and Community Engagement Minor (CIVCM):18 credits

  • YFE 211 (3)--The Foundations of Civic and Community Engagement
  • 15 additional credits planned in consultation with the student's academic adviser. Students must develop a proposed plan of study as part of their Application for the CIVCM Minor. The plan of study should consist of a combination of courses that includes a supervised field experience as well as courses that incorporate public issues and democracy.
  • Up to 9 credits that count for a student's declared major may also count toward the CIVCM Minor.
  • Past courses and field work may count retroactively toward the minor with approval from Dr. Margaret Signorella, Director of Academic Affairs. 
  • 3 credits must be capstone work at the 400 level. A capstone project may consist of a presentation, annotated portfolio, thesis or other creative work that allows the student to reflect on and analyze their community engagement experiences.

More information on the Civic and Community Engagement Minor and academic requirements can be found in the University Bulletin, or by visiting the Penn State Learning page.

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Civic and Community Engagement at Penn State Greater Allegheny should work with their academic advisers to complete the Application for the CIVCM Minor

For more information on the Civic and Community Engagement (CIVCM) Minor at Penn State Greater Allegheny, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Michael Vicaro at mpv2@psu.edu or 412-675-9053.


Students volunteer at Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank










Community engagement is incorporated throughout all aspects of campus life at Penn State Greater Allegheny. To learn more about student projects, community partners, and view photos of activities, please visit our Community Engagement and Academics page.

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