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Penn State Greater Allegheny is committed to fostering the success of its students and communities by offering excellent and distinctive programs of study and by engaging its communities through collaborative ventures and partnerships.

We offer students an education from an internationally recognized research university in a small college environment.

Students can complete one of 11 baccalaureate degrees at Penn State Greater Allegheny, or can begin the first two years of most of Penn State's more than 160 baccalaureate degree majors.

The Teaching International Program infuses a global perspective into the campus curriculum. An active honors program and undergraduate research provide opportunities for students to excel.

The diverse student population enriches the living and learning environment, with students hailing from more than 20 states and 8 countries.


Penn State Greater Allegheny students

Majors at Greater Allegheny

Eleven baccalaureate degree majors that can be completed here at Greater Allegheny offer small classes, great internships, and undergraduate research opportunities.

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SCC and lion


There are several minors that can be completed at Greater Allegheny, including both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary ones, or students on the 2+2 plan can start almost any Penn State minor.

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All Penn State Majors

Start at Greater Allegheny and finish here, or at University Park, or at any campus with your intended major. We call this the 2+2 path. You can start almost all of Penn State’s over 160 majors here.

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Credit Certificates

Credit Certificates are a great way to enhance your credentials with a specialized area of concentration.

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