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Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

“The Art of Haiti” exhibit, made possible thanks to the generous support of the Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti.

REGGAE MUSIC PARTY (Coordinated by Dr. Cliff Manlove)
Date: September 2

FILM SERIES:  The Harder They Come (Jamaica, 1972)
Date: September 2

LIBRARY RESOURCES EXHIBIT - The Library will organize an exhibit related to the international theme at the beginning of the semester.
Date: September 16

“Global Food Prices and Food Security in Latin America:  Who Wins and Who Loses,” Dr. Kathleen de Walt, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh.
September 30th, 12-1:30 pm

LECTURE: Haitian Author Edwidge Danticat
Date: October 6, 2008
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Carnegie Music Hall

FILM SERIES (Double Feature):  Isle of Flowers (Brazil, 1989; 13 min); Like Water for Chocolate (Mexico, 1993; 105 min.)
Date:  October 7, 2008 

World Food Day Events
 Ivy Ero and Alyssa Dolney, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, “Hunger and the Food Crisis from a Local Perspective”
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank speaker
October 7, 12-1:30 pm.
Universities Fighting World Hunger
October 16, 12-3:00 pm.

FILM SERIES:  XXY (2007; Argentina)
Date:  November 6, 2008

“Tango Night” Julieta Ugartemendia and the group TANGUEROS DE LEY
November 11th, 6 pm.

Student Research Conference
November 18th, 12-1:30 pm

FILM SERIES:  Nine Queens (2001, Argentina; 115 min.)
Date:  December 2, 2008

“Latin American Folk Tales,”
Children’s Theatre.
December 4th, 12-1:30 pm; December 5th & 6th, 7:30 pm.

“Banjo’s Caribbean Roots,” Greg Adams
December 11th, 12-1:30

Film: Cocalero (2007, Bolivia, Argentina; 94 min.)
Date: January 21, 2009

Musical Performace: Brazilian Music
Lilly Abreu
Date: February 12, 2009

Film: The Official Story (Argentina, 1985, Academy Award Winner for Best “Foreign Picture”)
Date: February 18, 2009

Lecture: The New Afro-Cuban Movement and the Debate on Race in Contemporary Cuba
by Alejandro de la Fuente, Ph.D.,
Date: February 19, 2009

Lecture: World Poverty and Human Rights: What are our Responsibilities?
 by Dr. Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University
Date: March 18, 2009

Film: The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (Brazil, 2006)
Date: March 25, 2009

Film: Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)
Date: April 8, 2009

Student Conference
Date: April 16, 2009

Lecture: Food and Social Change in India: Drawing Links to Latin America
by Jennifer Parker Talwar, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology at Penn State Lehigh Valley.
Date: April 21, 2009

Theatre Production (Theatre 208/Theatre 282)
The Dream Tree.  The subject of this play is Shamanism in the upper Amazon rain forest. The story is adapted from a retelling by Lawrence Yep in a collection of stories from many cultures called The Tree of Dreams, and expanded with references to the work of ethnobiologist Mark J. Plotkin and the documentaries of Dean Jeffries.
Dates: April 23-25, 2009
Time:  April 23, Common Period
April 24 and April 25 at 7:30 PM
Location: Ostermayer Room, SCC

Lecture: Poverty, Natural Disasters and Malnutrition. A Message of Hope from Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti by Ian G. Rawson, Ph.D., chairman of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) Haiti.
Date: April 29, 2009