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Marie Popovich

Aspirations abound at Penn State Greater Allegheny

For Marie Popovich of Whitehall, Pennsylvania, her goals are endless and college is an essential stepping stone to reaching them.

After experiencing an accounting class in high school and finding that it fit her skill set well and her interests, Marie decided to pursue accounting as her degree in college.  Also in high school Marie was very active in the student theatre.  In her senior year, she was nominated for a Gene Kelly Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Wizard of Oz as the Wicked Witch. Marie explained that “in Pittsburgh, the Gene Kelly Award's are analogous to the Tony Awards but for high schools instead of professional theater.”  

So her two aspirations to be an actress as well as to learn the “business side” of show business have combined into her pursuing an accounting major a looking into also doubling her major by adding film studies.

Greater Allegheny was her choice campus because of the personable people that she encountered during her tours and how practical it was for her to start here as a commuter and save some money before finishing her degrees at University Park.

“The campus seemed very cohesive and personable.  I was also very impressed by the Lion Ambassadors who took me for a tour of the campus and delivered a student perspective of college life,” said Marie.  “It was unusual to hear from someone other than faculty and admissions counselors.”

Once enrolled here, Marie dove into all that the campus had to offer.  She is a part of the Lion Ambassadors, the Environmental Club, the Honors Program, the Media Federation, Commuter Council, and she aspires to re-instate the Drama Club on campus. Marie volunteers some of her time to make appearances at campus events in costume as the official Nittany Lion.