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Penn State Greater Allegheny offers two credit programs to high school students.

  1. The Dual Enrollment program allows qualified students to take classes at Greater Allegheny, thus getting a start on the college experience while earning college credit. The Dual Enrollment Web Page provides details on eligibility, benefits, and how to apply.

  2. Penn State offers an Early College Enrollment program for a limited number of highly qualified high school students to enroll as first-year Penn State students after finishing their eleventh grade of high school. Contact Greater Allegheny Admissions if you would like more information.

    To be eligible for this program, students must:
  • demonstrate a high level of motivation and that they are academically advanced in order to succeed at the collegiate level;
  • complete admission requirements for their intended major by the end of the current academic year, except receipt of high school diploma;
  • maintain academic excellence through the current academic year;
  • have written permission and recommendation to enter the program from a high school principal, superintendent, high school counselor or home school evaluator, and parent/guardian;
  • have a guarantee from their high school that a diploma will be granted upon successful completion of their first year at Penn State (successful completion of high school depends on what the high school or home school considers successful);
  • be interviewed for this program by an admissions officer at Penn State Greater Allegheny.