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Dr. Jeanne Amlund – Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology


Digital Teaching Portfolios, Teaching Development Grant, Penn State

Dr. Edward Bittner – Professor of Chemistry

Refereed journal article

"Kinetics of Description of Hexane from the Microporous Metal Organic Framework RPMs," Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.

Dr. Jay Breckenridge – Professor of Theatre Arts


"Lethal Luau," Seton Senior Center.
"Mardi Gras," Dinner Theatre, Southminster Presbyterian Church.
"The Dining Room," Bethel Park Community Center.
"The Twits," and "As You Like It," Little Lake Theatre.
"A Cajun Killing," Bradley House Banquet Hall.

Produced and stage-managed

"The Spiral Stair," New Works Festival.

Original plays, written and directed at Penn State Greater Allegheny

The Ramayana
South Asian Folk Tales 

Dr. Kathleen Taylor Brown - Assistant Professor of Communications

Associate editor, Volume 5, International Journal of the Humanities, 2007-2008.

Refereed journal article

"Participatory Cultures, Video Gaming, and "Real World" Skills," International Journal of the Humanities. Co authored with Mary Mino, Jeanna Cooper, Erik Bertelsen


Invited Speaker, Visiting Film Maker: The ReelHeART International Film Festival, "The Filmmakers Film Festival," University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada.
Invited Speaker, Visiting Film Maker: The New Jersey International Film Festival; Rutgers University, New Jersey.
"Transforming Technology Gadgets into Pedagogical Tools," and "A Model for Civic Engagement Intersecting Course Content with Community Service" International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning.
"Exploring Communications Through a More Global Discipline: Applying Communications and Media." PA Communication Association Conference.
"Applied Communication Theory: Representing World of Warcraft, Participatory Culture, and Learning." New Directions in the Humanities: The Fifth International Conference on Humanities; American University of Paris; Paris, France.
"Intersection for Digital Landscapes as Applied Communication Theory: Video Gaming, Participatory Cultures." Eastern Communication Association. With Mary Mino, Jeanna Cooper, Erik Bertelsen.


"Obtaining Reactions to the Suggestions about Using Online Gaming as an Instructional Approach to Understanding and Demonstrating Communication Competence." Research Development Grant, Penn State
"Program Fund for Engineering, Business, and Technology Projects." US Steel. (with M. L. Signorella, J. Cooper, & P. Q. Winter)
"Public Scholarship Course Development/Enhancement Awards to Support Democratic Capacity Building Through the Intercollegiate Minor in Civic and Community Engagement." Penn State Office of Undergraduate Education.
Schreyer Institute Teaching Enrichment Travel Grant. Penn State.

Dr. Russell Ciolli – Senior Instructor in Communications Arts and Sciences

Three photographs published in Absence:

“A Woodpecker Guards his Nest”
“Built Ford Tough”
“Light at the end of the Tunnel”

Dr. George Crawford – Senior Instructor in Engineering


Prototype eye monitoring system for IST. Professional Development Grant, Penn State

Dr. James Gillespie – Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Refereed journal article:

“Kaplansky classes and derived categories,” in Mathematische Zeitschrift.


“Cotorsion Pairs of Chain Complexes and Possible Quillen Model Structures,” Joint Mathematics Meetings; New Orleans, LA.

Galen Grimes – Assistant Professor of IST

Refereed journal article:

Grimes, G., Hough, M. G., & Signorella, M. L.  Email End Users and Spam:  Relations of Gender and Age Group to Attitudes and Actions.  Computers in Human Behavior  23(1):318-332  (2007). 

Lori Hepner – Assistant Professor of Integrative Arts

Refereed journal article:

“Artist Statement: Lori Hepner part of Bits, Bytes and the Rhetoric of Practice: New Media Artist Statements, 2007,” http://www.newmediacaucus.org/journal/issues/2007_fall/statements/hepner_lori/hepner_lori.html


CEPA Gallery, “Exasperate: Quagmire.”
Sweetwater Center for the Arts, “Fabricated Edifice.”
James W. and Lois I. Richmond Center for Visual Arts; Western Michigan Univ; Kalamazoo, MI, “Trap.”
Museum of Art of Calda, Digital Scenes Manizales, Colombia, “Trap.”
Dowd Fine Arts Gallery Permanent Collection, “Impart: Dissipate:16”
PTI Gallery; Pittsburgh PA; “Exasperate: Quagmire.”
707 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Artifice: Camouflage 1” and “Artifice:Camouflage 2.”
Studio 27; San Francisco, CA, “Visceric Fulcrum.”
Rhizome’s ArtBase archive, “Trap.”
Carnegie Museum of Art, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Display; “Nebulous Spasm:1 and “Fallacious Effigies.” Won Leon A. Arkus Memorial Award


“Unworkings of a Binary System,” 95th Annual Conference of the College Art Association; New York, NY.
“Gallery Talk” Invited speaker, Carnegie Museum of Art.
“Unworkings & Code Works Artist Talk for Dorkbot: Pittburgh. Invited speaker.

Dr. MaryEllen Higgins – Assistant Professor of English

Book published:

“Historical Dictionary of French Cinema,” Scarecrow Press.

Part(s) of book(s) published: 

"Ngambika and Grassroots Fiction: Amma Darko’s Housemaid and Faceless.” in Broadening the Horizon: Critical Introductions to Amma Darko
“Writing Haiti from New York: Local and Cosmopolitan Resistance in Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory.” Iin Perspectives on African Literatures at the Milennium.


“Human Rights in Hollywood’s Africa: The Last King of Scotland and Blood Diamond;” African Studies Association Annual Conference; New York, NY.
“Hollywood’s South Africa: Framing Conflict, Justice and Change.” American Anthropology Association Conference; Washington, DC

Dr. Michelle Hough – Assistant Professor of Business

Refereed journal article

Grimes, G., Hough, M. G., & Signorella, M. L.  Email End Users and Spam:  Relations of Gender and Age Group to Attitudes and Actions.  Computers in Human Behavior  23(1):318-332  (2007). 

Dr. Otto Linsuain – Assistant Professor of Physics


“In Defense of Newton’s Second Law,” AAPT Western PA Conference, Westminster College; New Wilmington, PA.

Dr. Clifford Manlove – Assistant Professor of English

Refereed journal articles

“Visual ‘Drive’ and Cinematic Narrative: Reading ‘Gaze Theory’ in Lacan, Hitchcock, and Mulvey,” Cinema Journal.
“Remember the Maine”; ‘Remember 9-11’ Correspondencies in the Wars of 1898 and 2001,” Left Curve.


“Representations of Blackness, Africa, and Colonialism in Peter Jackson’s King Kong,” Modern Language Association National Convention; Chicago, IL.
“King Kolonialism: On Interconnections between King Kong, Colonialism, and Film History, 1884-2005” Eastern Communication Association; Providence, RI.
“The Rhetoric of Dystopia and Anti-utopia in the British Tradition,” Eastern Communication Association; Providence, RI.

    Dr. Elizabeth Mazur – Associate Professor of Psychology

    “Assessing the positive and negative life events of parents with acquired physical disabilities and of their adolescent children,”  Society for Research in Child Development; Boston, MA.
    “Exploration of identity and interaction in adolescent web logs,” Meeting of the American Psychological Association; San Francisco, CA. (with undergraduate student, Lauri Kozarian).

    Dr. Mildred Mickle – Assistant Professor of English

    Refereed journal article:

    "Accepting the Self: The Sexual-Spiritual Balance in Octavia E. Butler’s Survivor,” The Xavier Review: Sex and the Spirit.

    Part(s) of book(s)
    “Gayl Jones,” “Gerald Barrax,” and “Tina McElroy Ansa,” all in Southern Writers: A Biographical Dictionary.

    “Teaching a Melting Pot and American Dream Paradigm: Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower and ‘Bloodchild’,” NEMLA; Baltimore, MD
    “Octavia E. Butler’s Mind of My Mind as a Neo-Slave Narrative,” ASALH; Charlotte, NC. ?Theorizing the Neo-Slave State: Octavia E. Butler’s Mind of My Mind,” Speculating on the South Conference; Chapel Hill, NC. ??“Counterfeit States of America: Selling the Indomitable Spirit of the South in Confederate States of America,” SAMLA; Atlanta, GA. ??“The Creative Erotic: The Spiritual Tie That Binds in Octavia E. Butler’s Fledgling,” College Language Association Conference; Miami, FL. ??“Octavia E. Butler and the Re-invention of Community,” Panel respondent, College Language Association Conference; Miami, FL.

    Dr. Verónica Montecinos – Associate Professor of Sociology

    “Pension Reform, Gender and the Coming Legislative Debate,” Mujer y Vejez Digna, LaRefora Previsional Comunida/Mujer and Universidad Central; Santiago, Chile.

    Dr. John Peles – Associate Professor of Biology

    Part of book

    Chapter 6: “The golden mouse: a model of energetic efficiency,” The Golden Mouse: A Wonder of Nature.


    “Influence of short-term and long-term exposure to chemical toxicants on oxygen consumption of fathead minnows,” The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; Milwaukee, WI.
    “Influence of protein heterozygosity on oxygen consumption in fathead minnows exposed to copper,” ?The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; Milwaukee, WI.


    “Population Genetics of the Allegheny Woodrat in Indiana.”  Purdue University.
    “Association of protein with metabolic rate and metabolic scope in white-footed mice.” Research Development Grant, Penn State.

    Dr. Mary Preuss – Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature 


    “Actors and Actresses: Reflections of Fictional and Non-Fictional People in Mayan Communities,” XXXII Congreso Annual de Literaturas Hispanicas; Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Indiana, PA.

    Editor, Latin American Indian Literatures Journal

      Dr. Margaret Signorella – DAA and Professor of Psychology & Women’s Studies

      Refereed journal article

      Grimes, G., Hough, M. G., & Signorella, M. L.  Email End Users and Spam:  Relations of Gender and Age Group to Attitudes and Actions.  Computers in Human Behavior, 23(1):318-332  (2007).

      Consulting editor, Child Development


       "Program Fund for Engineering, Business, and Technology Projects." US Steel. (with K. T. Brown, J. Cooper, & P. Q. Winter)

      Dr. Guangfeng Song – Assistant Professor of IST

      Book review

      “Robert W. Proctor & Kim Phuong L. Vu. (editors) Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design,” International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.

      Dr. James Stewart – Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, African and African American Studies, and Management and Organization 


      Introduction to African American Studies, Transdisciplinary Approaches and Implications, Black Classic Press.

      Parts of Books

      Chapter: “Foundations of a ‘Jazz’ Theory of Africana Studies,” in Contemporary Africana Theory Thought and Action.
      Chapters: “African Americans,” “Economics, Stratification,” and “Race and Economics” all in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition.
      Chapter: “Will the Revolution be Digitized? Using Digitized Resources in Undergraduate Africana Studies Courses,” in Africana Studies, Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Paradigms.

      Book reviews

      “W. Arthur Lewis and the Birth of Development Economics,” Journal of African American History.
      “Black Rednecks and White Liberals,” Journal of African American History.

      Series editor, African American Studies Book Series, Transaction Publishers.

        Robert Walters – Professor of Engineering


        “Development of an industry driven associate degree,” ASEE Annual Conference.