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Penn State just concluded an ambitious fundraising campaign to build on the tradition of excellence that has defined our University. The campaign was called “For the Future: the Campaign for Penn State Students.”

In the campaign that concluded on June 30, 2014 Penn State exceeded $2 billion in contributions (for more details, see the report). The key elements of the campaign are outlined below, and these continue to be priorities for the University and for Penn State Greater Allegheny.

The University also announced that two major matching programs will continue beyond the end of the campaign: Trustee Matching Scholarships and the Faculty Endowment Challenge.



Ensuring Access and Opportunity

The objective of this, the largest element of the campaign, is to ensure that students with ability and ambition to attend the University have this opportunity through scholarship support. Greater Allegheny will use the $3 million raised through this campaign element to support the need-based Trustee Matching Scholarships, general endowments and merit scholarships, and restricted scholarships that place needed assistance in the hands of deserving students.

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Enhancing Scholars Education

The objective of this element of the campaign is to ensure that students of exceptional ability experience the best honors education in the nation. These students will receive the support they need to take their places as leaders in the changing world. At Greater Allegheny, the $375,000 raised in this element will support faculty-student research projects, the Honors Program, and internships for honors students.

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Enriching the Student Experience

The objective of this element of the campaign is to ensure that students thrive in a stimulating atmosphere that fosters global involvement, community service, creative expression, and personal growth. The emphasis on involvement is part and parcel of the University’s proud heritage as a land grant institution. At Greater Allegheny, the $725,000 raised by this element will support a suite of amenities – the conversion of the old Food services Building into an arts/theater/fitness space, the expansion of the campus’ global student efforts and services, service learning and leadership, endowed lectureships, increased availability of internships, campus athletics and fitness, and enhanced student support services.


Building Faculty Strength and Capacity

Recognizing that strong students can only reach their potential with the support of a strong faculty, this element will ensure that students can study with the finest teachers and researchers. At Greater Allegheny, the $50,000 raised by this element will support what Dr. Porter calls “intellectual capital” -- faculty travel, research, equipment, and supplies, as well as lending additional support to faculty-student research projects.


Fostering Discovery and Creativity

The University’s tradition of cutting edge research and encouraging the spirit of discovery forms the basis of this element, in which students and faculty members come together within and across disciplines to pioneer new frontiers of knowledge. At Greater Allegheny, the $100,000 that this element will raise will support the creation of an Arts endowment, the expansion and enhancement of the technological supports for learning, and an expansion to the student-community partnerships that have long characterized our commitment to the world outside of the campus.


Sustaining a Tradition of Quality

Strong faculty and strong staff come together in this element of the campaign, which will ensure that students continue to work and study with faculty whose scholarship is enhanced by continuing philanthropic support. At Greater Allegheny, the $750,000 that this element will raise will support the annual fund, the establishment and expansion of community outreach programs and K-12 partnerships, improvements to our array of workforce improvement programs and projects, and the continued growth of our economic development programs and projects.

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Thank you

Greater Allegheny raised over $5.5 million during this campaign. As the final report stated, the success of this campaign "showed our students that those who came before them believe in their potential to succeed" (Results & Impact).

“I think making the choice to come to this campus over perhaps a larger one was one of the greatest things I’ve done so far. I have found a new confidence in myself that I didn’t have before and perhaps wouldn’t have found on a campus among thousands of other students.”
-- Yidi Li, Penn State Greater Allegheny student