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Use of campus facilities


Penn State Greater Allegheny‘s primary mission is to provide educational services and facilities to those enrolled as students and designed to serve special educational and cultural interests of the campus service area. The campus must provide principally for all scheduled services for its students. Special provisions may be made for particular events, exhibits, or uses which enhance the educational program or add to the cultural enrichment of the community. The purpose of this statement is to provide full understanding of available facilities and arrangements for their use by University and non-University groups.


  1. Instructional programs of the University
  2. Campus-sponsored functions (student, faculty, staff, Advisory Board, Alumni Association)
  3. Community events open to the public
  4. Meetings of non-profit organizations
  5. All other external organizations


Non-University groups may use facilities when approval is granted within the guidelines of the policy. Groups such as organized civic, cultural, industrial, public and private school, service or religious organizations and university groups with membership not restricted to Penn State students, faculty and staff may be authorized to use university facilities provided that the following rules are observed.

  1. University events have priority over other groups, and reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or alter arrangements for any event, if necessary.
  2. All other use of such facilities must contribute to the general welfare of the community.
  3. The use of the facility is for noncommercial purposes.  Commercial activities are not permitted.  An event shall not normally have as its purpose the raising of funds for activities or causes outside the University.  If fund raising is to take place, a detailed plan must be approved by the University. Funds shall go to only a tax exempt organization or one which would be clearly eligible for tax exempt status.
  4. The University may charge a fee for the use of its facilities.  In those cases where authorization is granted by the University for the collection of admission fees, or donations, separate rental arrangements will be made.
  5. The group agrees to take precautions to assure the physical safety of participants and University property and to release the University from any liability responsibility in conjunction with the use of the facility.  An insurance certificate showing the University as an additional insured may be required  A damage deposit may also be required.
  6. The use of facilities should not conflict with the aims and purposes of the University, nor violate University regulations or local, state or federal laws (e.g. admissions taxes, health and safety standards, use of alcoholic beverages.)  Approval to use facilities does not necessarily imply approval of the aims and purposes of the sponsoring organization nor the event being planned.
  7. Use of the name of the University, other than to indicate the location of the event, must be approved in advance by the University.
  8. The use of the facilities is not for the conduct of regular religious services that are not predominantly attended by students, staff or faculty of the campus.
  9. Information will be provided in advance to the University of all financial transactions or arrangements involved in the planning for or conduct of the meetings.
  10. The activity should be suited for the campus facilities available.
  11. Alcoholic beverages will not be served at any University function unless permission is obtained from the Senior VP Business/Finance.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in any University Facility, including entry ways and vestibules, and in any area adjacent to a building where smoke might enter (policy AD-32). 
  13. No food or drink may be brought into any meeting areas or the gymnasium.  All catering must be provided by the campus housing and food service unit.
  14. Use of facilities where minors are participants requires supervision by at least two authorized adults as defined by Penn State policy AD-39, plus many other requirements specified in the policy. Campus police may terminate an event if sufficient and appropriate adult supervision is not present.


  1. University groups wishing to use facilities must use the Event Request Form. The request should include the exact dates, times, and facilities requested.  A brief statement as to the activity being conducted will also be included.
  • Prior coordination and approval for use of classrooms must be obtained from the campus registrar’s office.
  • Prior coordination and approval for use of computer labs must be obtained from the Director of Information Technology and scheduled via the campus registrar’s office.
  • Prior coordination and approval for use of the gymnasium must be obtained from the campus athletic office.
  1. Non-University groups must use the Event Request Form. Request should be received a minimum of 30 days in advance.  The request should include the exact dates, times, and facilities requested.  A brief statement as to the activity being conducted must also be included.
  2. All requests received will be forwarded to the Penn State Greater Allegheny Facility Coordinator.  University groups have priority over Non-University groups.
  3. The Campus Facility Coordinator will notify the University group or the Non-University group as to the status of the request after the meeting concludes.  A estimated statement of charges will also be prepared.
  4. After the use of the facility is approved, all Non-Campus Groups must complete the University Indemnification Agreement (attached) to confirm their request.  Final approval cannot be granted until the agreement is signed and returned.
  5. Non-University groups must also provide a Certificate of Insurance.  Athletic events and activities may require a higher amount.  Final approval cannot be granted until the insurance certificate is received by the University.  The University's Risk Management Office at University Park will determine the insurance levels needed for the event.
  6. All required forms and certificates must be received 30 days prior to the event.  If the forms and certificate are not received within that timeframe, the facility will be made available for use by other groups.

Rental fees and other charges

  1. The Schedule of Charges attached has been approved by the University Controller’s Office.  Fees are not subject to negotiation.  Exceptions cannot be granted by the Facilities Use Committee.  The Chancellor retains the sole authority to reduce fees in certain unique situations.
  2. Fees are charges to recover the cost of support to a function and to allow the campus to maintain current facilities.  Penn State Greater Allegheny is a tuition driven campus and as such, it is the intent to insure students receive the benefit of the services and facilities their tuition supports.  Penn State Greater Allegheny also wants to be a part of the community in which we reside.  The campus encourages the partnership with community based activities that benefit the community as a whole.  The recovery of cost allows the campus to fulfill this vision to the fullest extent possible.
  3. The Campus Business Office will prepare and mail a bill for use of facilities to Non-University groups.
  4. Fees are based on prudent use of facilities.  Damages caused by outside groups will result in an additional charge being levied on that group.
  5. All Non-University groups must hereby understand that it is solely their responsibility for the collection and reporting of any applicable taxes, including the collection and reporting of sales taxes.