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Advancing and caring for the success of our students and communities.

University Center for Community Engagement & Partnerships

Funding from The Pittsburgh Foundation enabled Penn State Greter Allegheny to establish the University Center for Community Engagement and Partnership several years ago. Chancellor Curtiss E. Porter created the Center to support an organizational structure designed to extend the resources of the campus in service to the community. “In many ways the Center becomes the visible symbol of goodwill for our land-grant mission. It enables our faculty and staff to better understand the needs of the community and will provide a mechanism for the community to become familiar with and avail themselves of the University’s vast resources,” Porter said.

UCCEP serves as a central clearinghouse for identifying community needs and connecting those needs with institutional resources. As a “community connector,” the Center is identifying potential service learning and volunteer opportunities for both faculty and student affairs staff.

General sentiment across the community has indicated both willingness and eagerness for greater involvement by Penn State Grater Alleghey in helping to address community needs and issues. Dr. Patricia Grey, The Pittsburgh Foundation senior program officer for education, said, “The Pittsburgh Foundation views this grant as a strategic investment in the campus and the community. It is an effort to grow Penn State McKeesport’s leadership presence through a service strategy that markets the university in the Mon Valley and advances its institutional image in the region. It also provides students with an opportunity to contribute something back to the community.”

For more information about the UCCEP, call the Chancellor's Office at 412-675-9080.