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Teaching Canada film "Black Robe" by Bruce Beresford

Black Robe photo
3/19/2014 —

During the 17th century, French Jesuits ventured into the wilderness of North America to convert the "savages" to Christianity. Father Laforgue is a priest who has been assigned to serve a remote mission 1500 miles from Quebec. A group of Algonquin Indians have been hired by the religious community to escort him on the long and dangerous journey.

Father Laforgue is shocked by the barbarity and promiscuity of the savages. The Algonquins, who have nicknamed him "Black Robe," in turn wonder whether the man with the strange practices is a sorcerer.

The journey tests the mind, body, and soul of Father Laforgue who endures betrayal by the Algonquins, torture at the hands of the Iroquois, and a major surprise when he reaches the mission near Lake Huron.

*Students may attend the screening if it is assigned for some type of course assignment, including extra credit.

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