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Class of 2008, Secondary Education-English

Leah PelkeyLeah Pelkey always wanted to be a teacher. She started out in the Liberal Arts program, but after talking to a career counselor, she switched over to her current major in Secondary Education, English. Leah credits the advice that the counselor and her advisor provided as a major part of her academic success.

“I never could have made it this far without them,” says Leah. She also credits the size of the campus as a success factor. “The size of the campus was perfect for me. I wouldn't get lost in a sea of people, and if I needed help in class, the professors would know me.

When I first toured the campus, I was struck by the friendliness; everyone smiled and remembered my name even on my second visit. So, I chose Penn State Greater Allegheny with no difficulty, and never regretted my decision,” stated Leah.

Leah’s experience at Penn State Greater Allegheny was beyond expectations. “There seemed to always be something going on in the Student Community Center. Greater Allegheny also offered a ton of organizations. I was able to join Lion Ambassadors, the softball team, and ACE, the Center for Academic Career and Excellence. Greater Allegheny was a lot of fun,” remembers Leah.

The most important thing that Leah Pelkey learned while at Penn State Greater Allegheny didn't come from a book. “I made friendships that will last for my lifetime, and I learned to cherish loved ones. I learned the importance of giving as well as receiving comfort and forgiveness, and I understood more deeply the virtues of patience and listening; I believe that I learned to use my heart.”