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Our students come from across the globe. Each has a unique story, but a common thread exists. They had a great experience at our campus...and so could you!

Sunny Wang

Sunny Wang, Class of 2012, Finance major

“My father worked in finance....I decided I wanted to be a business major since I was a child...I have taken different business classes....I figured out that I am interested in finance among all the other business majors.” Learn more about Sunny Wang »

Marie Popovich

Marie Popovich, Class of 2013, Accounting major

After experiencing an accounting class in high school and finding that it fit her skill set well and her interests, Marie decided to pursue accounting as her degree in college. More about Marie Popovich »

Barblin Essien

Barblin Essien, Class of 2013, Biology major

She was born and raised in Italy, immigrated to Clarksburg, Maryland in 2008, speaks Italian, English, and French, and is learning Chinese and Spanish.
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Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly, Class of 2011, Philosophy major

The small class sizes, friendly and well-educated faculty, and the close proximity to home were some of the reasons that Keith Donnelly, a philosophy student from Pittsburgh’s South Hills, chose to come to Penn State Greater Allegheny. More about Keith Donnelly »

Rajiv Raja

Rajiv Raja, Class of 2008, Marketing major

On the day that Rajiv “Raj” Raja visited Penn State Greater Allegheny, he remembers that the environment was very friendly and that he immediately felt comfortable. More about Rajiv Raja »

Yidi Li

Yidi Li, Class of 2012, Psychology and Media studies majors

Freshman year of college for Yidi Li brought her from Hang Zhou, China, to Penn State Greater Allegheny More about Yidi Li »

Leah Pelkey

Leah Pelkey, Class of 2008, Secondary Education-English major

Leah Pelkey always wanted to be a teacher. More about Leah Pelkey »

Dion Harris

Dion Harris, Class of 2008, Corporate Communications major

When Dion Harris toured the campus at Penn State Greater Allegheny in the middle of summer, he made a quick decision to start his college career here.
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Mariam Salisu

Mariam Salisu, Class of 2008, Applied Psychology major

Mariam Bukky Bukola Salisu chose Penn State Greater Allegheny because it reminded her of her home away from home. More about Mariam Salisu »