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Impress employers with your knowledge of the organization and industry.

How to be a "Super Sleuth"

  • Start with the website. Review the history, client list/product line, values/vision statement/philosophy, structure, and anything else that will help you to become more familiar with the employer.
  • Use the internet to expand your search.  Try keywords, industry terms, or the position title used on the company's site and review the results.  Read the latest press releases and financial reports for the employer. Check out industry competitors as well.  You may be surprised at what you learn!
  • Professional Organizations.  Most professions and industries have organizations associated with them.  These organization websites are goldmines of information targeted to your career area. A quick internet search should reveal the most popular/common professional organizations for your career field.  Examples include the American Psychological Association (APA), American Marketing Association (AMA), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the International Communication Association (ICA).
  • Use database and search tools.  Vault, Hoovers, and WetFeet are great places to start, but your campus library may have access to additional databases with company profile information.
  • Locate alumni.  One of the best ways to find out what it's like to work for a company/organization is to talk to someone who works there.  Penn State offers LionLink - a networking program to help students and alumni make connections for occupational information and professional contacts.