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Develop your strategy before jumping into a job search.

Before you begin to wade through thousands of job postings, stop and take some time to plan out your search strategy. This will help you to narrow down options and create a focused and purposeful search.   
  • Identify and be prepared to discuss your career goals, skills, experience, and personal qualities with potential employers and networking partners.  If you need assistance in identifying and articulating this information, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your career advisor.
  • Locate employers that hire staff to perform the type of job in which you are interested.
  • Track job leads, applications, interviews, and networking contacts (useful in monitoring your progress, as well as managing important contact information).  You may want to create your own form, use an online system like JibberJobber, or use the template provided. 
    Job Search Tracking Sheet (pdf file opens in new window)
  • Build your professional network - tap into your professional organizations and resources from student groups; attend career fairs and networking events or programs.
  • Throughout your search, note keywords and phrases used within the industry or profession.  Use these keywords to produce more targeted results when using job posting and social networking sites.  This will also help you to communicate with employers using appropriate industry lingo.