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  • Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the labs.
  • Any music must be listened to through head phones.
  • No material is to be downloaded directly or indirectly to the hard drive of any lab machine except by special permission. *
  • Please read the bulletin boards for class reservations.
  • Please pay attention to Lab Reservation sheets posted daily.
  • University Policy AD-20 is to be followed by all students, staff, and faculty. A copy of this policy is available upon demand.
  • Refrain from doing anything that may be offensive to anyone else.
  • This facility is meant to be an academic area used for study and research for classes work. Any person found to be disturbing this environment through any sort of disruptive behavior will be asked to leave.

Please note: These rules are subject to change

* Although you are able to save work to the hard drive, there is no guarantee that your work will not be lost.  It is strongly recommended that you either save your work to a USB drive or your PASS space.