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Located in the Kelly Library, Lower Level
To schedule an appointment, call 412-675-9088

Services Provided by the John H. Gruskin Learning Center:


Services are available in various subjected including, but not limited to Math, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Arts and Languages (English, Spanish, French), and the Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology). Please call or stop by the Learning Center to schedule an appointment or get more information about tutoring services. Appointments are encouraged, but not required.


Tutoring Courses

ENGL005 and MATH97 courses are offered via the Learning Center for students who are scheduled through guided placement during NSO, or students who choose to take the course for additional homework/course help. ENGL005 must be taken in accordance with either an ENGL001W or ENGL015 course. MATH97 are generally offered for each math course offered during the semester. If you are interested in adding either of these courses to your schedule please contact us before mid-term!

Algebra Workshops

New this semester! These workshops will focus on reviewing basic algebraic skills sets in order to refresh the memories of and equip students taking math courses whose focus is algebra or above.

Study Skills Workshops

These workshops are offered in the Learning Center as either interactive sessions or self-guided, computer-aided sessions. Professors often require some workshops as course requirements while others offer to count them as extra credit. Students should check course syllabi for more information.

The following workshops are offered in the Learning Center, and may be taken at any time by appointment:

* Note-Taking Strategies

* Test-Taking Strategies

* MLA/APA Writing Styles

* Understanding Your Textbook

* High School vs. College

* Memory and Concentration

* Five Paragraph Essay Structure

* Learning Styles


EOP Academic Support:

Information about admissions requirements or the Educational Opportunity Program is available at http://www.psu.edu/admissions/counselors/policies/eop.htm

Additional tutoring, academic counseling, and other resources are available for EOP students. Students who have been admitted to Penn State Greater Allegheny through EOP may also be eligible for the textbook loan program. EOP students should contact the Learning Center Coordinator to learn more about the EOP program. However, any questions about becoming an EOP student should be directed to Admissions at psuga@psu.edu or 412-675-9010.




Siobhan Brooks
Kelly Library, Lower Level